Stand Up Pouches for Printed Seaweed Snack Packaging Bags

Seaweed full of nutrition.There are many snacks made from Seaweed.Such as seaweed crispy, sea sedge,dried seaweed,seaweed flakes and so on.The Janpanese called Nori.They are crunchy and need high barrier packaging pouches or film to protect the taste & quality.Packmic make printed multi-layer packaging make the product with long shelf life. Sunlight & Moisture barrier keep the pure taste of seaweed products.Custom printing graphics same as photo effect. Resealable ziplock make consumers to enjoy again after once opening.Shaped pouches make the packaging more attractive.

Products Details

Stand Up Pouches Seaweed Packaging Zipper Bag Is Good For Supermarket Display. Features of standing bags. 1Custom printing .increase the impressions of brands&products . 2Flexible packaging pouches are soft they help reduce the visible blank spaces on the shelf. 3Hanger hold available which can hanging on the side of storage rack. Saving space, make replenishment more easier.The flexible pouches for seaweed snack is becoming more popular ,with many good physical characteristics . Sunlight Barrier . AL film with 100% barrier from light .VMPET can see through light. Moisture and Oxygen barrier Keep the crisp taste well,Extend shelf life to 18-24 months. Creat one secluded environment for seaweed chips. Film rolls for sachet packaging can used for Manual Fill/Machine filling,VFFS,HFFS Packing System. More details of pouches please refer to the image below.

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